Ergonomic height adjustment custom-made pillows allowing
healthy sleep Health Dream Pillow giving comfort Patented air-bag
is equipped inside of memory-foam which supports head weight.
This pillow is designed to adjust the height of the pillow.
This functional pillow makes you have comfortable sleep by
adjusting the height with air injected by air pump

Right spine starts from the neck and if the neck has a problem it will
affect the spine. It maintains the spine which has been bended due to
the erect life and social activities during the day in correct posture during
sleeping on memory foam. By adding a ceramic on the memory foam,
it emits far-infrared rays, negative ions and it makes smooth blood
circulation during sleeping and helps have good sleep.
 Size : 50×30×(5)cm
 Out Cover - bamboo Fiber - washable
 Memory foam pillow
 Including handmade items:
 Packaging Original box
Size : 57×34×7cm
Out Cover - bamboo Fiber - washable
Memory foam pillow
Including handmade items: Packaging Original box
Product Information
Memory foam treatment

Ceramic which emits far-infrared rays and negative ions is equipped at the place where beak bone and blood pass to helps blood circulation and relieve fatigue.
Bamboo fiber pillow fabric

Antibacterial property inhibits bacteria and smells harmful for health. It is god for the one with sensitive skin as its touch is soft and it doesn’t irritate skin. Also the material of bamboo has good absorbent and air permeability so it makes one feel cooler than cotton fabric.
Air Pump

You can adjust the height of the pillow blowing air using air pump to have comfortable sleep.
Air bag

The air bag inside the memory foam is filled with air so it is possible to adjust the height and it maintains good C shaped posture of neck which is proper body structure.
Polyurethane foam,
NASA developed new material

It has low elasticity and gives sense of unity with human skin. It has good adhesion and dispersion and absorption property of boy pressure. It is good bedding material that allows comfortable sleep.
Height controllable patented air pillow
Height controllable patented air pillow It is the only air using height controllable pillow in the world. The technology which is able to adjust height of pillows acknowledged by Korea Patent Office. It helps prevent neck bone disease making correct posture and C curve as it meets the height of neck bone depending on individual body shape.
Ideal pillow and posture  
Good pillow to keep your health is not a pillow which supports head but neck and keeps your neck to form C-shaped curve touching the floor as possible.
The angle between the pillow and our face should be the same as the angle when standing against the wall.
In other words, the angle of the face is around 5 degrees and the correct length of cervical spine arc (seven neck bones that supports the head) for the height of the pillow is about 6cm. There are individual differences in body type or gender.
Doctors recommend the pillows which
fit the body to those who suffer
from cervical spine disease.!
Crooked neck causes high blood pressure, low blood pressure symptoms as well as dizzy symptoms
Abnormal neck bone causes dim eyes and headaches
Rhinitis, heart pounding symptoms
The cause of deafness, ear infection, thyroiditis
Cause shoulder pain
Caused pulling pain from shoulder to fingers
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